About Us


We live on the Southern tip of the Sunshine Coast near Bribie Island, about an hour north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Many of the properties in this area are large by today's suburban standards. Our property is just under an acre.

When we're not lazing by the pool with a glass of wine, and Vic's not flying overseas somewhere, we like to get out into the Great Outdoors. We often go for weekend camping trips or longer, with a canoe or boat. We enjoy exploring the many National Parks in our area and beyond. A lot of our photos are from visits to these parks, and the travel notes in this site refer to some of our trips around Australia.

Other travel notes are from Vic's many business trips overseas, and reflect a variety of entertaining incidents and observations in his travels.



Catching crabs


Sunset behind the Jetty on Bribie Island


Sand Crab


Sunset Bribie Island


Black Cockatoo in our garden

Noosa River

The beautiful Noosa River


Black Cockatoo