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About Myself

My name is Alfred Herring. I was born just after the first world war in 1921, I am the second son of a family of five Boys. For my first 14 years, we lived in London England, in a single bedroom flat on the fifth floor, with no lift.

I am the father of Vic, one of our four children, two boys and two girls. My photos will be some shots from my younger days, and of other members of our family and of my wife, Joan.

Our Dad joined the Army at the outbreak of WW1, as one of  "Kitcheners
Contemptible Army", and served in the Trenches France for the next four
years. He was wounded twice, and at these times he won a military medal for
"bravery in the field", and was "mentioned in dispatches", it was during his
second wounding that he contracted Tetanus and was sent back to England to

This is a photo of my Grandparents and some of their children taken about 1915/16 during the first  world war, my dad is bottom right in the uniform.

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